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CGA - Other Publications


pdf Fruits of Success (2011)  Published Popular

  • 'The citrus industry is South Africa’s biggest fruit industry, exporting approximately 100 million cartons (15kg) and earning a gross revenue of more than six billion Rands annually. The industry also makes a considerable contribution to job creation throughout its production regions and its logistics chain to the ports of exit.'

    Mr Langa Zita, Director-General of the South African Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

pdf Youth In Citrus (2009)  Published Popular

  • 'South Africa is a country blessed with some of the greatest natural and human resources in the world. The challenge comes in harnessing these natural and human resources in a manner that ensures sustainability and growth. The agricultural sector has a distinct challenge in both natural resource utilisation and protection and human resource development and motivation. For some reason agriculture is often not seen as a career of choice for the youth - this publication should be motivation enough for getting more youngsters interested in agriculture in general and in the citrus industry in particular.'

    Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson, South African Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

pdf Women in Citrus (2008)  Published Popular

  • 'It is only fairly recently in our history that women have been celebrated to any fair degree in our country, but women in the citrus industry have quietly been making their mark and there are now not many areas where the fruit is not touched by a woman. Agriculture, in general, has always been considered a man’s domain, but that has changed, especially in recent years.' 

    Tini Engelbrecht, Citrus Grower and Executive Director on the CGA Board

pdf Our Citrus Transforms (2005)  Published Popular

  • South Africans have embraced change in a united effort to ensure the survival of our fledgling democracy. Across the country there are many examples of ordinary South Africans doing extraordinary things. This publication aims to highlight transformation activities within the citrus industry. These are stories that MUST be told, they are stories that illustrate the activities of individuals and groups in our industry who are committed to the goals of a profitable, sustainable, non-racial citrus sector.