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BDlive 2013


pdf BDlive (29/11/13) Popular

  • SA citrus exports hinge on report
    SA’s future citrus exports to Europe to be determined by report on blackspot disease to be released by European Food Safety Authority

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  • Europe bans South African citrus imports over black spot fears
    European Union bans most imports of citrus for remainder of year over fears fungal disease found in dozens of shipments could spread to 28-nation bloc

pdf BDlive (15/11/13) Popular

  • EU tries to stop citrus imports from South Africa
    European Union prepares ban on South African citrus imports after shipments found to be contaminated with black spot disease

pdf BDlive (26/09/13) Popular

  • Citrus export in black spot zones halted
    Industry spending heavily on pest management systems, pruning and sprays but will invest more to combat black spot and other pests

pdf BDlive (12/08/13) Popular

  • Fight to persuade EU to accept SA citrus science
    Harmless black spot disease on the rind of fruit threatens a crucial export market, writes Shannon Sherry

pdf BDlive (01/08/13) Popular

  • No bar to SA's citrus trade with EU, says Davies
    Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies believes SA has reached understanding with EU on fruit exports

pdf BDlive (29/07/13) Popular

  • EU forces SA's citrus sector to seek new markets
    Despite ‘productive’ trade talks, stringent phytosanitary requirements for SA’s citrus remain in place

pdf BDlive (09/07/13) Popular

  • Black spot fears squeeze citrus exports
    Citrus exporters fear they may lose their lucrative access to the EU because of new regulations governing citrus black spot, a disease that manifests in the rind of citrus fruit

pdf BDlive (10/06/13) Popular

  • EU wants to block SA citrus exports says ambassador
    Ambassador to Belgium Mxolisi Nkosi decries ‘trend of rising protectionism’ as international relations delegation’s visit to Europe gets under way

pdf BDlive (31/05/13) Popular

  • DA accuses fruit exporter of corruption
    Farms managed South African Fruit Exporters singled out for allegedly being involved in corruption related to land reform deals