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BDlive 2014


pdf BDlive (17/10/14) Popular

  • SA to take black spot row with EU to WTO
    SA to challenge the EU’s continued threat to ban SA’s citrus fruit exports

pdf BDlive (12/09/14) Popular

  • Reprieve in store for SA fruit farmers
    Hardpressed citrus farmers may soon receive revenue fillip if US alters regulations to allow more SA exports of oranges and grapefruit

pdf BDlive (10/09/14) Popular

  • SA ready to fight EU ban on citrus fruit
    Combined application by Argentina and US to WTO over EU sanitary and phytosanitary rules favoured

pdf BDlive (10/09/14) Popular

  • Farming unit helps lift profit for Capespan
    Stalwart of local fruit industry reports 186% hike in operating profit

pdf BDlive (08/09/14) Popular

  • SA citrus growers halt fruit exports to EU
    EU export stoppage costs growers around R1bn as they aim to prevent a permanent ban over citrus black spot

pdf BDlive (01/08/14) Popular

  • Travel and Food: SA's ClemenGold is the social butterfly of the citrus world
    According to trends in global citrus markets, it is all about convenience, and what matters above all else is that the fruit is easy to peel, writes Penny Haw

pdf BDlive (24/07/14) Popular

  • Citrus black spot still haunts local industry
    Anxiety over an EU ban after the fungal infection was found in oranges, writes Amanda Visser

pdf BDlive (23/07/14) Popular

  • Company Comment: Truworths; SA-EU trade
    Truworths is up the creek with no paddle, while the Europeans are aggrieved that SA is cancelling 13 bilateral investment treaties with major EU trading partners

pdf BDlive (21/07/14) Popular

  • Citrus industry suffers fresh black spot setback
    The Dutch authorities have issued a notification of phytosanitary noncompliance and communicated this to their counterparts in SA

pdf BDlive (30/05/14) Popular

  • Packaging in SA is always changing shape 
    Apart from industry conditions, each firm has unique challenges to face, writes Mark Allix

pdf BDlive (29/05/14) Popular

  • EU rules against SA citrus ban imposes stricter import criteria
    Thousands of jobs saved as the European Union decides against banning South Africa’s oranges

pdf BDlive (28/05/14) Popular

  • Letter: Citrus sector at risk
    The European Union is meeting this week to consider imposing further regulations and requirements on SA citrus exports

pdf BDlive (02/05/14) Popular

  • EU delays decision on banned SA citrus fruit
    European Commission’s Directorate for Health and Consumers postpones the decision until its next meeting on May 26 and 27

pdf BDlive (30/04/14) Popular

  • Sanctions on Moscow threaten SA trade flows
    Though trade with Ukraine and Russia accounts for an insignificant share of SA’s total, in some individual product markets it could become a problem

pdf BDlive (30/04/14) Popular

  • Farmers confident fruit destined for EU will not be contaminated
    Citrus growers believe they will be successful in preventing crops heading for European Union from contracting citrus black spot

pdf BDlive (24/02/14) Popular

  • SA back on European Union's citrus black-spot list
    European Union has put SA back on its watch list for citrus black spot, amid growers’ concern that this is unwarranted