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BDlive 2015


pdf BDlive (02/11/15) Popular

  • Letter: Citrus fruits of change
    Job growth numbers certainly resonate within the citrus industry as it works towards equipping and developing emerging black farmers

pdf BDlive (30/10/15) Popular

  • Importer of SA citrus anxious about EU black spot rules
    Jaguar, Netherlands' largest importer of South African fruit, considers alternative sources as rules set to tighten

pdf BDlive (25/08/15) Popular

  • Black spot controls find favour with EU
    Favorable European Union audit on black spot fungus management offers citrus industry reprieve

pdf BDlive (13/08/15) Popular

  • Urgent action to rescue SA's fresh produce sector
    Poor service standards, failing infrastructure and water constraints are hampering the country’s ability to capture new markets and compete on global stage

pdf BDlive (24/07/15) Popular

  • Fungus hits lemon exports to the EU
    Fears grow that suspension of organic lemon exports could further jeopardise the R10bn industry

pdf BDlive (23/07/15) Popular

  • SA citrus specialists to visit EU over black spot row
    EU has imposed a number of bans on most imports of citrus from SA over concerns the fungus may be transmitted to European orchards

pdf BDlive (04/06/15) Popular

  • D-day for defence of SA citrus
    Davies and his department have been on the money in the protection and promotion of the citrus industry, writes Bronwyn Nortje

pdf BDlive (01/06/15) Popular

  • Small farmers face huge risk if EU bans SA citrus
    Behind the fight between SA and the EU are real families whose livelihoods hang in the balance, writes Israel Nemaorani

pdf BDlive (13/04/15) Popular

  • Davies decries SA fruit growers decision over Spain
    Citrus growing industry to end exports through Spain because of objections to fruit with the black spot fungus

pdf BDlive (30/03/15) Popular

  • SA citrus growers skirt Spain over disease dispute
    SA will avoid citrus shipments through Spanish ports to avert possible ban after authorities there refuse producers permission to inspect facilities for blackspot disease