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pdf Fruitnet (11/05/20)  Published Popular

Fruitnet (11/05/20)
  • RSA citrus sets sail to US

pdf Fruitnet (13/01/20)  Published Popular

Fruitnet (13/01/20)
  • Challenges ahead for RSA citrus

pdf Fruitnet (02/09/19)  Published Popular

Fruitnet (02/09/19)
  • RSA citrus argues its case in Tokyo

pdf Fruitnet (21/02/19)  Published Popular

  • SRCC loses key member
    Erik Stroebel is moving to New Zealand in what is a loss for the SRCC executive team

pdf Fruitnet (14/12/16)  Published Popular

  • Copa Cogeca warns EU on CBS
    Group sends letter to European Parliament calling for more stringent citrus black spot rules to be introduced

pdf Fruitnet (26/08/16)  Published Popular

  • BRC Global Standards launches award scheme
    Safety and quality certification body BRC Global Standards is set to launch an award programme for technical and quality personnel

pdf Fruitnet (15/07/16)  Published Popular

  • South Africa: new market trends in Europe
    In the first of three reports from the Western Cape, Fruitnet looks at how changing demand is influencing fruit exports

pdf Fruitnet (29/02/16)  Published Popular

  • Capespan launches new orange line to latch onto trend
    Pigmented oranges are in vogue, and the firm hopes to capitalise upon this with its new launch into The Co-operative

pdf Fruitnet (29/01/16)  Published Popular

  • FLIA 2016 nominee Outspan Sam
    From South African fresh produce giant Capespan comes an educational character with a fun twist

pdf Fruitnet (17/10/15)  Published Popular

  • South African citrus deal defies odds
    Between strong demand for lemons, South Korea’s growing appetite for grapefruit and a steady orange deal, the season has exceeded expectations

pdf Fruitnet (04/09/15)  Published Popular

  • No further EU action on RSA citrus
    European plant health authorities decide not to impose additional restrictions on imported citrus from South Africa