Citrus Harvesting Learner Guide

Citrus Harvesting Learner Guide


pdf Citrus Harvesting Learner Guide  Published Popular

The Citrus Harvesting series addresses the need for training permanent and seasonal workers in citrus harvesting and orchard sanitation.

The content of this learning material is based on audio-visual media produced by the Citrus Academy.
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pdf Module 1 - Harvesting Supervision  Published Popular

Module 1 - Harvesting Supervision

Module 1 discusses the requirements for supervising a successful picking team, including protective clothing, the maintenance of quality picking equipment, and the various picking practices that will ensure quality control in the orchard.

pdf Module 2 - Harvesting Practices  Published Popular

Module 2 - Harvesting Practices

Module 2 looks at the aspects covered in module 1 in more detail, including personal hygiene.

pdf Module 3 - Orchard Sanitation  Published Popular

Module 3 - Orchard Sanitation

Module 3 discusses the importance of orchard sanitation practices, such as the removal of deadwood and fallen fruit. It also discusses postharvest diseases, and the disposal of waste fruit.