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Citrus Academy - Production Learning Material

The Citrus Academy has developed learning material for core unit standards belonging to the AgriSETA's Plant Production qualifications from NQF level 2 to 5. A set of learning material has been developed for each individual unit standard. Each set consists of a learner guide, facilitator guide, and assessment guides for learners and assessors.

Enterprise Selection and Establishment

Concerns itself with identifying the various components of an agricultural enterprise, and with the selection and planning processes for a new enterprise, and looks at the physical layout of a farm, with specific reference to infrastructure, orchard layout etc.

NQ 2 - 116081/116127
NQ 3 - 116214/116274
NQ 4 - 116293/116309
NQ 5 - 116324/116337

Plant Structures and Functions

Considers the structure and function of various plant parts and the manner in which nutrients, water, air and sunlight is taken up and processed.

NQ 2 - 116057

Plant Nutrition and Soil Management

Concerns itself with plant nutrients, in terms of the requirements of the citrus plant and the supplementation of nutrient elements through fertilisation, with specific reference to the timing and manner of application.

NQ 2 - 116053
NQ 3 - 116267
NQ 4 - 116311
NQ 5 - 116371


Looks at the process of determining fruit maturity through maturity indexing, the harvesting of fruit, and the tools and equipment used for this purpose.

NQ 2 - 116111
NQ 3 - 116268

Water Quality

Considers the various factors that influence water quality and manners in which water quality can be measured and controlled. Considers furthermore the effect of water quality on tree and fruit growth and development, in combination with effective irrigation, fertilisation and pest control.

NQ 2 - 116077
NQ 3 - 116212
NQ 4 - 116322

Plant Manipulation

Identifies various types of physical and chemical plant manipulation, with specific reference to pruning, girdling and the application of plant growth hormones, and tools and equipment used for this purpose.

NQ 2 - 116128


Looks at the technical aspects of orchard irrigation, with reference to the types of irrigation systems, the installation of new irrigation systems, and the repair and maintenance of an irrigation system. Also irrigation scheduling, and measures to ensure effective irrigation.

NQ 2 - 116066
NQ 3 - 116266
NQ 4 - 116317
NQ 5 - 116414

Crop Establishment

Concerns the establishment of a new citrus orchard, in terms of the physical planting of trees and the care for young trees.

NQ 2 - 116079


Concerns the various methods and requirements for the multiplication of plant material of specific varieties that possess desired qualities.

NQ 2 - 116119
NQ 3 - 116220
NQ 4 - 116316

Pests, Diseases and Weeds

Concerns the identification of pests, diseases and weeds that threaten citrus production. Also considers various methods of effective control, and the planning required for this purpose.

NQ 2 - 116124

Crop Protection (Application)

Looks at the practical application of crop protection agents through various methods, with specific reference to tools and equipment used, and health and safety requirements.

NQ 2 - 116125

Food Safety

Concerns the requirements in terms of health and safety, and environmental control for ensuring food safety and hygiene.

NQ 2 - 116070
NQ 3 - 116271
NQ 4 - 116278
NQ 5 - 116419


Considers the impact of farming practices on the environment, with reference to the measures required to minimise this impact and protect the environment.

NQ 2 - 116121
NQ 3 - 116263


Concerns the factors influencing citrus marketing, and the development of an effective marketing plan.

NQ 2 - 116126
NQ 3 - 116259
NQ 4 - 116684
NQ 5 -   10050

Production Management

Concerns the actions and processes involved in effective production management, with specific reference to the coordination of the various production tasks and processes and the creation of a strategic plan for the enterprise.

NQ 2 - 116115
NQ 3 - 116218
NQ 4 - 116288
NQ 5 - 116426

Industry Overview

An overview of the citrus industry and the various institutions involved.

NQ 4 - 116286

Financial Management

Basic financial functions and layout of financial statements in an agricultural environment.

NQ 2 - 116083

Human Resource Management

This unit standard explains the principles of human resources management and practices in agriculture.

NQ 2 - 116113