Citrus Packhouses Learner Guide

Citrus Packhouses Learner Guide


pdf Citrus Packhouses Learner Guide  Published Popular

Citrus Packhouses Learner Guide

The Citrus Packhouses learning material repackages the Citrus Postharvest and Citrus Packing modules to address particular needs for training permanent and seasonal packhouse workers.

The content of this learning material is based on audio-visual media produced by the Citrus Academy.
© Citrus Academy NPC | 1st edition 2022.

pdf Module 1 - Packhouse Overview  Published Popular

Module 1 - Packhouse Overview

Module 1 presents an overview of citrus production and picking, as well as the packhouse process flow. It also touches on the importance of objective research and extension services to support the industry in maintaining standards required by export markets.

pdf Module 2 - Packhouse Infrastructure and Planning  Published Popular

Module 2 - Packhouse Infrastructure and Planning

Module 2 discusses packhouse infrastructure, and considers the ways infrastructure requirements can be met where external infrastructure is not readily available. It also looks at the importance of packhouse planning, and covers packhouse employment and automation too.

pdf Module 3 - Packhouse Sanitation  Published Popular

Module 3 - Packhouse Sanitation

Module 3 introduces the importance of workspace sanitation in the packhouse, including the importance of pre-sorting and the removal of infected fruit. It also discusses the various cleaning and sanitising procedures utilised in a packhouse, including the importance of personal hygiene and recordkeeping.

pdf Module 4 - Receiving and Initial Processes  Published Popular

Module 4 - Receiving and Initial Processes

Module 4 looks at receiving and weighing processes, packhouse delivery inspection, and the methods employed to prepare fruit for export, namely drench, de-greening, pre-sorting and fruit washing.

pdf Module 5 - Fruit Treatments  Published Popular

Module 5 - Fruit Treatments

Module 5 covers fruit treatments, which include fungicide and wax treatments. It also looks at fungicide resistance.

pdf Module 6 - Sorting and Grading  Published Popular

Module 6 - Sorting and Grading

Module 6 looks at the various factors that determine the sorting, grading and sizing of fruit to meet export standards.

pdf Module 7 - Packing Practices  Published Popular

Module 7 - Packing Practices

Module 7 discusses the various packing materials used in a packhouse, and the specifications that determine the quality of these materials. It also looks at the different packing practices, including those utilised by automated packing machines. Lastly, it covers the various practices and patterns of palletisation and marking.

pdf Module 8 - Quality Management  Published Popular

Module 8 - Quality Management

Module 8 discusses the various accreditations, assessments, systems and inspections required to manage quality in a packhouse.

Review Export Standards in Module 6 - Sorting and Grading.

pdf Module 9 - Logistics  Published Popular

Module 9 - Logistics

Module 9 looks at the role the Citrus Growers’ Association plays in the logistics chain, as well as the various components that make up the cold chain, for example, road transport, cold stores and port services.